What I learned aboard the new Among Us Airship

First impressions from a seasoned impostor and ejected crewmate.

After months of starved content, Innersloth has finally released The Airship map. It’s big, very big, and it can be intimidating. Seasoned players are shaking in their boots at not just the size of the map, but the complexity of certain tasks and wayfinding. After a night of murderous chaos, here are some first impressions I had to take flight to victory.

Prepare your brain

If you’re a new player to Among Us, The Airship is not a great map for you. The sheer number of rooms, multiple floors and navigation around tasks can make it very difficult to not only move through but explain coherently in a meeting. Don’t be afraid to use your map a lot, and try to pay as much attention as possible to who is where, and when.

There's a lot going on.

Know your spawn

A new mechanic of The Airship is selecting your spawn location, which reduces travel time on a larger map but also gives impostors a chance to spawn unknown to other crewmates. Learn where your tasks are in order to spawn in the most efficient location, but also remember who you spawned with. Not only can you give intel about where crewmates were, but the process of elimination can figure out where the others may have spawned. Perhaps you can catch who’s near the bodies?

Search for bodies more

Doing tasks usually results in bodies flopping in your path, but The Airship is stacked with nooks, crannies, dead ends and bizarre mazes. It’s likely you’ll lose bodies in small rooms, corners, or the strange labyrinth of Electrical, so make sure to check admin in the cockpit, view cameras in Security and search around every corner for potential fallen friends. There’s also Vitals in the Medical area to see if anyone has died. If you’re an impostor, try to use these smaller rooms and corners to your advantage to kill unnoticed and avoid meetings. Just make sure you can leave the scene unseen!

Consider the vision

As an impostor, try to remember what vision settings crewmates are on (1.0x, 0.75x, etc.) and if this isn’t too large then Airship has a fun set of opportunities to play around with. For example, the Vault is an enormous wide room you can duck out of sight from crew, and even hide behind the huge wall of coins that blocks eyesight. Sabotaging lights can lead to devilish stealth kills right next to crewmates, if you’re feeling cocky.

Hide and seek is the best

Running around as a blind impostor trying to find hidden crewmates was a quickly established alternate game mode that players could try out. As we’ve mentioned, this map has a huge array of tiny little rooms and hidden corners, so The Airship is great fun for playing hide and seek. It might even be too good, so good luck to the seekers.

How to do the safe unlock task

Nobody knows for sure. Pray. Just pray.

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