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At Overlode, we want to discover the next great games writers. As such, we’re permanently open to pitches. While we can’t pay as much as the world’s biggest sites, we have a modest budget to ensure that all of our contributors are compensated for their work.

As such, you don’t have to show us a big byline to be considered for a commission. Whether it’s something from a personal blog, or even a word document attached to your email, just show me you can write, no matter the venue. 

For features: please send a few lines or bullet points (not 5 paragraphs) outlining your pitch. The best way to catch my attention is with a short premise. I’m looking for obscure gaming stories, personal experiences and even the dreaded “hot take”. Tell me something interesting. 

For reviews: typically they’ll be handled by a founder, but if you want to review a game that’s less than a month away from release, it’s always worth reaching out in case we’re not planning to cover it. Again, we’re not looking for handfuls of experience or those big bylines; tell me why you’re the person I should trust with the review. 

TLDR: A few lines outlining the idea and some proof you can string words together. We have money to give you. 

Jordan Middler


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