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We’re getting into NFTs!

Now that we have your attention, it’s been a hell of a 15 months over here at Overlode towers, but as with all things, if you don’t freshen them up, they’ll go stale. Don’t worry, no one is leaving, think of this more like when you were younger and would suddenly get the urge to completely rearrange your room at 5 in the morning. Well, we’ve done that, and now you’re our proud parents coming to see the damage. I think we’ve lost this metaphor somewhere along the way…

Website and pitching changes

When Overlode launched, one of our core ideals was to provide new and budding journalists with a space to get eyes on their work, regardless of pre-existing experience or bylines. This is something we’re still incredibly passionate about, but changes in our individual circumstances have meant that we all have less time to spare than we did one year ago.

To curve this, we’ve decided to open pitches for one week at the start of the month, which gives writers a chance to send us their ideas in a small window we can allocate time to. The following week, we’ll close them, and get back to the pitches and initiative commissions we like, as well as those that are unsuccessful. Doing it this way instead of keeping pitches open all month means we’ll be more focused on what we receive and can move through the process more efficiently without ideas getting lost.

The pitching process remains the same, and you can find more details on that on the website here. 

Patreon changes

With our newfound time constraints, we realised that the original tiers we set out were difficult to maintain, but we still want to offer something unique to the legends supporting us. We’ve shuffled the tiers into something simpler and cheaper. Friend Of The Show is our base tier at £2, and we’ve lowered the newly renamed Legend tier to £6, and the VIP tier to £15. 

Friend of the Show Legend VIP
Patreon feed + Discord rank
Early access to videos and exclusive pod
Free goodies/merch
Exclusive podcast
Personal thank you on podcast/videos
Guest on the podcast to briefly say whatever the hell you want
Name enshrined in our Hall of Fame
Behind-the-scenes videos

Merchandise was a difficult plan to maintain, but we still want to create something cool for the folks that want it. That’ll be offered sporadically to Legend and VIP tiers whenever the idea strikes, but as it’s not a guarantee, we’re taking it off the tiers. So in theory, you’re getting more content, but for less money! 

Podcast changes

We’ve loved handling the stories, interviews, hot and cold takes and gameplay this past year, but The Overlode Podcast has been a more consistent rock we’ve loved producing, and we thank you for listening. We’re happy with our format, but you might expect to see some small shake-ups to promote our Patreon more and to keep things more flowing. Don’t worry, it’ll still stay unhinged. Speaking of unhinged…

Talking about games is something we could do forever, but we also love going off topic, and we’ve noticed our listeners do too. So, just for those beautiful people, we’re launching an extra, shorter podcast exclusively for our Patreon supporters. It’s called Wait, Cut That and we intend to release episodes every other Monday. Less gaming news and professional opinions, more bizarre stories and making each other snort their drinks. If that sounds good, get pledging – lowest tier accesses it on Monday!

Video changes

Multimedia and video has always been a pillar of Overlode we’re proud of, and that won’t stop being true. The company started with various gameplay series like Quick Play, Future Class and more, but as time went on we somehow wrangled a series of absurdly cool game devs and press legends, and loved producing interviews as a focus. So, expect more interview-led content either in isolation, or mixed in with video essays.

Talking of video essays, we’re now opening video commissions! Open to any and all interested in producing video content for games media, we’d love to hear your pitches for video essays, ideas for interviews, and anything else you think could work on our YouTube. Editing knowledge is helpful of course, but we can also coach you through the process if you don’t think you’re an expert. This will be paid, and paid more, all details explained in the new Pitch Us page. We’ve actually started them off already with an excellent video from Owen Trett you can watch later this afternoon on our YouTube channel.

That’s all folks! If you’re a writer or video creative, we’d love you to pitch when the time comes. For anyone else, we’d love it if you supported those said talented new people. Follow our Twitter for updates and memes, subscribe to our podcast feed, and jump on our Discord to chat.

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