OlliOlli World: VOID Riders review

Beam me up, skatey

After OlliOlli World led the start of 2022 with a sequel from Roll7 & Private Division nobody expected to be so richly entertaining, I accepted an expansion with wide open arms. VOID Riders is the new DLC offering more levels inside and outside the main campaign, along with lots of customisation options that slot nicely into the world while still offering some refreshing changes.

Void Riders is only accessible halfway through the campaign, on a desert area of the map filled with alien references and conspiracies. Once approached by aliens and their leader Nebulord, multiple areas open up in all segments of the world map. These new levels are similar to what you’d find normally with a cool sci-fi spin, but most importantly a new mechanic in the form of tractor beams. Using these beams you can grab your board to use its pull to reverse gravity and give some ‘mad air’. 

This new addition to the levels was refreshing, it made me rethink the momentum of my usual playstyle but also encouraged me to try tricks more often. OlliOlli World is often a very fast game, and the tractor beams turned the levels less horizontal and more vertical, giving you the opportunity to pull of spins, tweaks and more advanced tricks. It also became pretty challenging to hit the beams just right, and avoid tumbling into the void below.

However these levels aren’t the only change – off in the corner you can transport yourself to the wonders of space (after beating a boss) to primarily entertain Nebulord. These levels are particularly stunning, the visuals seeming perfectly matched for the colourful fantasy of alien worlds. Tractor beams are one new mechanic, but the platforms and grinds float and build themselves in front of you as you skate giving this satisfying feeling I last felt playing The Artful Escape. My favourite element of this new area of the map is the rise in expectations; challenges are much trickier to pull off, and the scores to win prizes have skyrocketed to meet more experienced players. As I would often demolish these score goals on the main map, I loved this new challenge to rise to having finished the game.

While I was not overwhelmed by VOID Riders, I got more than I expected and most importantly more of the game I loved in a new and fun way. This phantasmal version of outer space suits OlliOlli World’s vibe perfectly, offering an explosion of colours and charm with levels that don’t change much from the formula but offer and encourage theatrics. It’s a healthy chunk of entertainment for existing fans, and will hopefully welcome even more OlliOlli World content. 

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    PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date

    15h June, 2021


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