Danny O’Dwyer on Noclip and his career in games media

From Waterford to San Francisco, we talk to Danny about his decade in games.

Danny O’Dwyer is the creative force behind Noclip, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating industry-leading documentaries about games. Before Noclip, Danny worked in the games press, most notably as a video producer and host for GameSpot. 

Danny shot to the forefront of a new wave of video personalities with his hilarious, well-written and poignant opinion show, The Point. He also made several guest appearances on Giant Bomb as well as a stint at Kinda Funny. 

Noclip has set the bar for crowd funded video game content. Often gaining access that no one else in the media has been able to get, Noclip has become shorthand for documentaries about games. 

As Noclip is a huge inspiration for Overlode and its fiercely independent spirits,  I wanted to talk to Danny about his career and his journey to Noclip. 

You can support Noclip at http://www.patreon.com/noclip and you can find Danny on Twitter @DannyODwyer.

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